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1. Micro Finance Loans:
We offer the opportunity to grow your micro business with our Micro Finance Loans. Access loans in groups of four (4) to thirty (30) members.

2. Business Loans & Overdrafts:
Odotobri Rural Bank aims to grow together with you in business. Our doors are open to individuals, corporate bodies and enterprises for business loans and overdraft facilities.

3. Salary Loans & Overdrafts:
As a salary earner, Odotobri Rural Bank will readily assist you with salary loans and overdrafts to attend to your needs.

4. Susu Loans:
This provides financial assistance to Susu account holders to expand their businesses with flexible repayment terms.

5. Funeral and Social Loans:
Our relationship with customers goes beyond business. Therefore, we offer a helping hand to clients in the form of funeral and social loans.

6. Transport Loans:
Clients in transport business or those who wish to own vehicles for business purposes, can fall on us for transport loans.

7. GBU Loans:
Being physically challenged does not mean inability. Therefore, Odotobri Rural Bank in collaboration with Ghana Blind Union (GBU) offers credit facilities to the blind yet skillful, to expand their micro businesses.

Our Mission

To provide efficient financial services through customized products, good corporate governance, well motivated human resource, maximization of shareholders’ wealth, consistent application of improved technology and being socially responsible.

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