Our Products

Savings Account

The purpose of this product is to allow clients save for investment or to raise capital.

Current Account

This account type is normally termed as business account that is recommended for individuals, corporate bodies and those engaged in brisk business.

Salary Account

This account type is designed for salaried workers whose salaries and allowances are paid through the bank.

Susu Savings Account

This innovative Savings Product is designed for clients who find it difficult to leave their homes and workplaces to go to the Bank and for those with small cash holding who cannot meet the Bank’s minimum deposit requirement to open Savings Account. It gives them the unique opportunity to save with the Bank through the network of the Banks mobile banking staff.

Fixed Deposit

The Fixed Deposit Product is typically a Savings Account, which is lodged for a fixed tenure of 3 months, 6 months etc. The rate of return is relatively higher.

Cash Collection Services

Under this product the bank’s accredited officials undertake cash collections at the door steps of customers who are too busy to visit the bank. These collections are then deposited with the Bank on the behalf of the clients in their respective accounts.