On Tuesday, September 5, 2023, the Odotobri Rural Bank PLC officially opened its new Tutuka branch in Obuasi. In addition to the newly commissioned branch, the bank currently has fourteen (14) branches.

The existing branches include Jacobu, its headquarters, in the Amansie Central district, as well as Obuasi Main, Asawasi, Krofrom, Agric Nzema, Bekwai, Maakro, Roman Hill, Old Tafo, Ayigya, Bantama, Abuakwa, Santasi, and the newly-inaugurated Tutuka branch. The Tutuka branch is strategically positioned to serve the diverse needs of small businesses in the area, including commercial drivers, chop-bar operators, auto mechanics, car dealers, spare-parts dealers, and itinerant petty-traders, among others.

Dr. Kwaku Mensa-Bonsu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, explained the rationale behind establishing this branch. He emphasized that Obuasi, being a significant city with a sizable population and numerous private businesses, required an additional branch to accommodate the growing customer base. He also stressed the bank's commitment to formulating customer-centric policies and prioritizing the interests of all major stakeholders, thanks to its strong management team and dedicated staff.

Abraham Coffie, the bank's Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the bank's mission in entering the Tutuka enclave. He pointed out that Odotobri Rural Bank has a track record of nurturing small businesses, helping them become more sustainable, and providing them with the necessary credit support. Additionally, the bank educates its customers to ensure they utilize financial products appropriately, thereby realizing anticipated profits and repaying loans.

Mr. Coffie assured customers that the bank's expertise in managing small businesses and petty-trading remains a primary focus. The opening of the second branch in Obuasi underscores their commitment to supporting those who truly need their assistance and making a significant impact in the community.

He also emphasized the bank's strong financial position, exceeding the regulator's minimum share capital by 200%, and urged customers to have confidence in the bank's solid foundation.

Kofi Owusu, the Ashanti Regional Manager of ARB Apex Bank, commended the board and management for their efforts in achieving impressive operational performance over the years. He stressed the importance of staff training, compliance, and customer care in continuing to satisfy customers and achieve the bank's objectives.

Mr. Owusu further advised the staff at the newly-inaugurated Tutuka branch to exhibit purpose and discipline, recognizing that banking is conducted in a dignified environment where security for customers and staff is always a top priority.